Dramatically Accelerate your Innovation Performance (2-4x)

Visual Innovation Management based on Agile and Lean Principles - in practice.

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What I do - can I help?

Innovation Performance


I can help improving your products innovation level and value creation. Help you getting OnTime, move faster, increasing profitability and employee satisfaction.

It starts with User eXperience - a solid knowledge about the needs, the users and the using. 

Imagine what a High Performance Team, with excellent knowledge about the Value Creation, having priority and management support, can do.

Coaching, Workshops and Trainings


I work with Technology, Concepts, Project, Product, Capacity and Portfolio management including using Innovation Pulse Rooms.

The Pulse Room creates a really good culture and effectiveness change - leaders say  'do not want to go back'. 

The Agile Project Management approach works fine for physical products and services, and can easily scale to system level and programs. 

Action based Advanced Innovation Management trainings - learning by using and discussing. 

Innovation Performance Assessments


A good way to initiate an improvement program is to use an Agile/Lean Innovation Performance Assessment to learn about the current state, and with that get ideas and identify improvement areas. 

Based on that and a target situation, an effective Improvement Program or Pilots can be defined, planned and driven, preferably using the same approach as in Agile Projects with Step Targets and Demos. 

The way I work



Real results and real change with the effects you want. 

My idea is to be well grounded in the thinking, but make the difference in the actual doing, where my customers key people and teams really make it happen. 

The key to this is to drive excellence in the Execution - and this is where my long hands-on experience, my dirty hands, can help.  



A majority of agile or lean transformations fail. 

Failing is not an option for me - I want my customers to be active and do the main part of the work themselves, with my help of course - I call this to work embedded. 

I want the teams to want to improve, to want to change with the skills of how to do it. 

I want the managers to see and experience the real value of the change. Both for themselves, for the teams and for the company. 

I call this Insight and Value driven. 

Action Learning


Learning really happens when the teams or individuals understand something, tries it but does not really get the result they want. What is this, what happened?

Now they need to think it through, check the thinking, check the practicalities - why doesn't it work? Asking for help. 

Here the learning happens, in these insights when the thinking and doing are combined. 

I arrange my trainings as much as possible this way. 

About me


Start Up, Fast Growing and Global

I started a consulting company working with product development within machine controls. We merged with a power electronic based company. The combination proved to be very successful - we made the company grow 100 times in value in 15 years. 

After that I was part of the electrification and digitalization of Atlas Copco, 10 years developing tools and systems for Automotive final assembly. 

Then 6 years working globally with improving ASSA ABLOY Innovation performance and we ended up on Forbes list of 100 most innovative companies in the world, before Apple.

Now starting my second year as a freelancer, helping worldclass global companies to dramatically improve and accelerate innovation.  


Driving Technology Change - Exploring

I have had key roles in customers and our own technology step change initiatives. I have initiated Pre Development in three major cases.

This is Including Industrial Washing Machines, Electric Vehicles,  Industrial Robot system, Packaging Machines, Tightening Tools and Systems for automotive and variable speed compressors. 

Also I was introducing systems and software development in Atlas Copco Tools for Automotive customers.


Agile Innovation Management

Visual Agile Innovation Management based on Value Innovation, Lean / Agile principles and Pulsing. This has proven to dramatically improve Innovation Performance, factor of 2 or more. The successful transformations are based on brutally simple working approaches and a 'can do' spirit in the teams.  

My agile experience is based on the transformations in Atlas Copco Tools and ASSA ABLOY, 12 years and about 60 Pulse Rooms globally, Swedish Lean Award, Swedish Quality Award, Automotive Spice. 

I have used it successfully in my own program for 5 years and I have trained 1500 people including 250 Champions.

Mail me below if you are interested in getting my brief leaflet about this thinking and doing - 'Agile Innovation'. 


Contact me below or ask for my Agile Innovation Leaflet.

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Stockholm, Sweden